Amazing company, everyone was super friendly and nice. Would highly recommend!

Jack Paxton

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We care about our customers!

We value each and every customer, and are focused on meeting all needs. Check out what they all have to say about us! If you would like to leave a review of your own for PTM Images.

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What makes us different

Attention to Detail

PTM’s attention to detail in design and manufacturing guarantees an on time quality product.  Quality control is implemented in every department to ensure every product exceeds expectations.

Our sophisticated computerized Japanese, Swiss, Italian and French machinery ensure the utmost precision by allowing us to ensure quality and consistency.  PTM’s highly skilled trained labor force designs and mounts artwork with precision and care.

Long Lasting Relationships

Building long lasting relationships is a result of meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations each and every time an order is placed.

Impeccable Customer Service

Customer communication is key to meeting customers’ needs.

Socially Responsible and Ethical

Environmentally Responsible

Our commitment to the environment and sustainability leads the industry.  We collect, crush and reprocess plastics and polystyrene foam into pellets, thus taking them out of US landfills which ultimately gives them a new life.