PTM Images®, a leading manufacturer of home décor and furnishings, announces the completion of its new polystyrene recycling facility in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico. The Styrofoam and plastic material is collected from our U.S. retail customers, diverting the polystyrene out of U.S. Landfills and giving the material a new life.  We divert over 50 truckloads of Packaging Material, Coolers, and EPS Food Service containers from being dumped into U.S. landfills.

We’ve developed a “closed loop” production system utilizing recycled HIPS, EPS and Polystyrene from waste and byproducts in producing new Home Decor products. Closed Loop Production begins with developing new products, and utilizing only recycled and sustainable materials. In doing so, we expand our capabilities while absorbing and repurposing the industrial waste of other companies. Our goal is to utilize 100% recycled or other sustainably sourced materials. Our first extrusion plant is located in San Luis Rio Del Colorado, Mexico where we can reprocess over 5 million pounds per year of mixed polystyrene waste, which would otherwise be sent to landfills.

We convert the recycled material into mouldings used in the production of Mirrors, Picture Frames and Wall Décor. This is following our on-shoring of production of Moulding. We shifted its supply chain from China to the United States, where the company can utilize over 80% of U.S.-based raw materials. After having made the jump back onshore, we decided that corporate responsibility was our new motivation. Realizing we had the means and capability to make a difference, we integrated closed loop recycling technology into our 300,000 square foot production facility.

“Our customer votes everyday with their wallets. Sustainability is extremely important to them. There are clearly solutions for difficult-to-recycle waste streams,” said  Jonathan Bass, CEO. “Retailers must provide a solution to reduce their environmental footprint, and PTM partners with our customers to find solutions. The Consumer is rewarding companies and retailers that honestly put our planet first.”

We are proud of the meaningful progress we have made in the pursuit of true sustainability by implementing a system in which waste materials are utilized in a closed-loop program to create new products. We have made strides in reducing the waste we emit through reducing our consumption of energy, water, minimizing waste, and creating a healthier and more efficient factory environment. We believe this will ultimately lead to improved efficiency and a competitive advantage for our customers.

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