We maintain a zero-waste policy through a closed-loop recycling process:
-Used styrofoam packaging material, coolers, and containers are diverted from U.S. landfills and processed in-house.

-The recycled material is then extruded into frame moldings, which are used in the production of mirrors, picture frames and wall decor. Reclaimed paper refuse is repurposed into packaging materials.

We make a conscious effort to preserve the Earth by reducing our consumption of energy and water, utilizing comprehensive waste management, and creating a healthier, more efficient factory environment.


Commitment to employees and their wellbeing is at the forefront of PTM IMAGES' business.

We strictly adhere to a Global Sourcing code of conduct and compliance. The utmost care is taken in the wellbeing of those in the PTM IMAGES family.

“Health and Safety” is the motto. In-house medical care, free transportation and numerous other benefits are provided to all factory personnel.


PTM IMAGES continues to adopt and innovate energy efficient technologies to conserve energy, in addition to supporting its supply chain partners to make improvements in their sustainability goals and carbon footprint.