Tariffs and far off factories cause more headaches than most buyers would like to admit. When combined with difficulties in design and product development, having an East Asian facility, the issues facing American firms are piling up. When choosing your next producer, choose local.

PTM IMAGES is your solution. Our factory is located in San Luis, Mexico, right across the border from our distribution center near Yuma, Arizona. We’ve been making wall décor and home furnishings for over 20 years and have owned our own factory for the last seven. We design our products in-house and our graphics and engineering teams are here to make your ideas a reality. We offer a catalog of ready-to-purchase frames, art, décor and furniture in addition to providing bespoke design services so you can meet your customers needs.

With PTM IMAGES, you get:

  • Competitive Costing
  • Vertical Design & Production
  • Moulding Manufacturing
  • 2-4 Week Lead Time
  • Arizona Distribution
  • Drop Shipping Capabilities

Don’t be dependent on China. Call 424-303-7251 or contact below for a catalog of our current offerings and capabilities.