The current world trade climate is rapidly changing, and this affects not only the end-consumer but all designers, manufacturers and distributors of globalized products. Historically, Asia has been a center of production because of its established capacity and low costs. However, with tariffs and trade wars on the horizon (and indeed already underway in some cases), supply chains with closer facilities are making a comeback.

Jonathan Bass, owner of manufacturing firm, PTM Images, has been a huge proponent of North American production in the past decade. Since 1995, he’s produced wall décor, mirrors, frames, full-size furniture and accent pieces. His hospitality and retail lines were produced in Asia until 2012, when he decided to onshore his production. That year, he opened a massive, 300,000 square foot facility in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico, with the aim to produce closer to home to simplify delivery and produce a higher quality product. When the factory was built, sustainability was at the forefront, and the factory incorporates closed-loop recycling into its production process.

In addition to the state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly, 300,000 square foot manufacturing facility in San Luis, Mexico and a distribution center in Arizona, PTM has corporate offices and a showroom in the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, California – the hub of trending art and design.

Our domestic facility gives us the advantage to produce high quality products utilizing efficient turnaround timing. PTM’s cutting-edge French and Italian machinery, dedicated team, and superior quality enables the company to manufacture best in class products for our numerous hospitality clients, interior designers and high-end retailers around the world. The trade situation with China is likely to get worse before it gets better. Move production to North America with PTM and avoid tariff volatility.

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